Las Vegas Moore Family Dentistry

Reshaping of your teeth is a process that can be done if you have teeth you feel are too long or just plain ugly.

Kids who need braces may need spacers put in to make room to put the wires.

People who suffer from dry mouth often complain of having bad breathe.

When you go to your local dentist for a teeth whitening treatment, he may use a light to cure the teeth.

Teaching children to brush after meals is a great idea when they are very young.

Having clean and shiny white teeth is something people are looking for these days, especially because everyone is taking selfie photos.

If you injure a tooth in a sports accident, we can fix it with a dental crown for you.

We will be happy to explain how dental sealants can help prevent cavities for your children.

An infection in your gums can cause bacteria to spread throughout your body and cause other problems.

When you want your teeth to look pearly white we can cover them with a thin veneer material.

Reshaping your gums and the bone tissue is something that can be done if too much gum shows when you smile.

Making good decisions on what you eat will help your teeth stay healthier.

Rather than showing off a mouth full of silver amalgams like they used years ago, you can have tooth colored fillings that nobody will see.

Our dentist feels that it is always best to use their least invasive dental techniques for all of our patients.

Teeth grinding is something that can lead to TMJ problems.

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